Blow given the Project list based on 8051 ,PIC, AVR,Arduino. This is for reference only Because we gives Students freedom of choosing Projects not only that we give them but We want that students Make their Dream Projects something they wont to Develop or Discover or Invent.

  • 3.2’’TFT LCD+TOUCH SCREEN based home automation
  • A  MEMS –based wireless multisensory module for environmental monitoring system (Zigbee).
  • A predictive controller for autonomous vehicle path tracking.
  • A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network And Gsm Technology
  • A wireless design of low cost irrigation system using Zigbee technology.
  • A Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network and Multi-Way Bus, Communication Medium Using CAN Bus
  • Advanced Encryption standard [AES] implementation for control of device using RF technology.
  • Advanced smart card based digital energy meter using AVR UC
  • Automated vehicle security system with Zigbee keyless entry over CAN network.
  • Automatic Touch screen based vehicle driving system [Robot car] [wired/wireless]
  • Bluetooth data acquisition system based on AVR/ARM.
  • CAN base dashboard implementation for automobiles.
  • CAN Based collision avoidance system for automobiles.
  • CAN bus, an efficient approach for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes in industries.
  • College/school progress report results to parents mobile.
  • Collide vehicle information capturing using MEMS+GSM modem.
  • Construction of intelligent mobile phone with GSM/GPS enabled feature on ARM7 LPC2148.
  • Design & implementation of high resolution LCD applications based on LPC 2138
  • Design and implementation of efficient message scheduling for controller area network.
  • Design of ARM-based embedded Ethernet interface.
  • Design of intelligent mobile vehicle checking system based on ARM7
  • Design of intelligent tire safety pre-alarm system based on ARM7
  • Design of Sight spot ticket Management system based on RF-ID.
  • Digital album with TFT Touch screen & color LCD display.
  • Embedded web server for home automation [webpage].
  • Embedded web server for WSN [webpage].
  • Ethernet based industrial automation [webpage].
  • GPS based universal clock [UTC].
  • GPS-GSM integration for enhancing public transportation management services
  • Grasping latitude and longitude position inter facing using global position system. (GPS)
  • Implementation of can based digital driving system of a vehicle
  • Implementation of Location based advertisement system using GPS+GLCD.
  • Implementation of obstacle avoidance and Zigbee control functions for Omni directional robot.
  • Industrial automation using temperature, humidity, fire,smoke&ldr sensors using GSM modem calling
  • Industrial protection depends over smoke sensor, temp, and LDR
  • Intelligent traffic management using IR+GSM modem.
  • Microcontroller based Bank locker security system with SMS alert.
  • Microcontroller based heart beat monitor and data storage on MMC/SD card and send to wireless pc using ZigBee.
  • Momentum control of robot using Rivest cipher decoder.
  • Motion operated scrolling display using dual axis MEMS Accelerometer and LCD display.
  • Multi-stage real time health monitoring via Zigbee in smart homes.
  • Patient monitoring using Gsm and Zigbee for hospitals and old age homes.
  • PC based automated Manual guided vehicle using wireless Technology.
  • Prepaid digital energy meter with TOUCHSCREEN+GLCD.
  • Proximity based collage campus card and access control system.
  • PWM based automobile braking system with distance measurement[GP2d12]
  • Real time 8-channel data logger and store on MMC/SD card.
  • Real-time industrial process control monitoring using GSM phone.
  • RF-ID application strategy and deployment in bike renting system.
  • RF-ID based attendance system
  • RF-ID based bike renting system
  • RF-ID based school attendance system & parents alert using GSM modem
  • Safety auto brake system for hill station vehicle using MEMS sensor.
  • School kid’s chatting based on touch screen keyboard &RF transceiver.
  • School kid’s chatting based on touch screen keyboard &Zigbee transceiver
  • Solar data logger into MMC/SD Memory Card.
  • Temperature Monitoring and equipment control through Ethernet [webpage].
  • The electrical Ethernet monitoring system based on embedded web server
  • Touch screen based advanced home automation system for next generation apartments
  • Touch screen based wheel chair implementation.
  • Tracing down the vehicle using Gsm and satellite communication
  • Traffic density analyzer cum signaling system for Metro cities.
  • Web page analyzer for TCP/UDP/IP/HTTP on ENC28J60 based AVR kit.
  • Wireless energy meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld.
  • Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system.
  • Wireless Heartbeat Sensor (GSM based)
  • Wireless PC based multi-patient health monitoring system for Corporate Hospitals.
  • Wireless Stepper Motor Controller (Radio Rx/Tx + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
  • Wireless touch screen based multi-patient health monitoring system for corporate hospitals.
  • Zigbee and Touch screen Controlled PC.
  • Zigbee Based Intelli Mobile Robot for Pick & Place Operations.
  • Zigbee based street light automation system WSN [webpage].
  • Zigbee based Wireless Energy Meter reading logging system on PC.

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