Need Help In

  • Programming Projects related to Microcontrollers e.g. 8051,PIC, Atmel AVR, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black ? 

  • designing of electronic circuits for sensors and other electronics components. ? 

  • Need help in designing models on different software e.g. Matlab, Proteus, DIPTRACE, etc.?

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    Micromagine Embedded System Design is a global solution provider for electronic modules, software development, websites & Mobile Applications designing, engineering simulations etc.

    Micromagine Embedded System Design is Embedded Research and Development Center focuses majorly on Engineering Projects which involves programming, both low-level(microcontrollers) and high-level(Windows based) Hardware as well as Software.

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    Micromagine Embedded System Design deals in Embedded System Designing majorly. We provide complete and ready to implement embedded systems to our clients.


    Micromagine Embedded System Design provides complete engineering related simulations on software like MATLAB, Ansys, LabView, Solidworks, SolidEdge, AutoCad, Proteus etc.

    Micromagine Embedded System Design deals in all kinds of programming projects related to microcontroller. So, sit back, relax and let us do the job for you.

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    Micromagine Embedded System Design designs SEO friendly and attractive websites for the clients along with their complete control on Android, Iphone, Blackberry & Symbian apps.

    Micromagine Embedded System Design provides user friendly, efficient, attractive and easy to install software depending on the clients’ requirements at a minimal cost.

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